Our Vendors

At the San Clemente Certified Farmer's Market, we are dedicated to excellence. We love this Market and only invite vendors who are dedicated to enhancing our community. 

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The Certified Farmer must meet all requirements of the State of California and the Orange County Department of Agriculture. The farmer must grow everything they sell. The farms are inspected annually. The farmer is inspected every six months at the Farmer's Market. Their Certified/Producer certificates are to be posted at point of sale. Any produce displayed that is not of his production will cause suspension of the farmers certificate. The public can pursue the certificate at any time.

Prepackage Food Items are accepted for sale in a Certified Farmers's Market. The seller must meet the requirements of the Orange County Department of Environmental Health to participate.

We take immense pride in our classification as a Certified Farmers Market. In order to achieve this title, every product sold at the market is held to the highest standard and verified by Orange County. This means that crafts and other non-certifiable items are not included in our market. 

If you are a certified vendor and looking to be included in the San Clemente Certified Farmers Market, email us with your certifications/permits.